Video Yearbook

A video yearbook is a great addition or alternative to a traditional printed  book.

The children are responsible for making their yearbook video as well as staring in it.

The video yearbook provides a great way to look back on the children’s time at school and also
creates a great memory of making it!

Making the video yearbook takes places over a whole school day (or a half day for classes of 10 or smaller).
The children are given a crash course in using the equipment and some filmmaking tips
and then work together to film the segments.

A video yearbook includes:

Interviews with each member of the class (and teachers/ staff if desired)
These interviews encourage children to reflect on their time at school and their hopes for the future.

The children will also film a brief ‘guided tour’ of their school
using this to reflect on some of their favourite school memories.

Once the filming is done, we will take the footage away and edit it into a the final video.
A master copy will be provided to the school
and each child will receive a DVD copy personalised to the school.

How much does it cost and how many can attend?
It depends where your school is based and how many children are attending.
For schools in the  Gloucestershire/ Bristol are the prices are as follows:

Classes of 10 or fewer (run over half day)
£8.00 per child.

Classes of 10 – 20 (run over full day)
£10.00 per child
Classes of 20 or more (run over full day)
£8.00 per child.
All prices include use of materials & equipment plus a dvd for each child.
 For more information,
please get in touch using the contact page
phone: 07743 933 565