We offer a range of filmmaking workshops and exercises to both Primary and Secondary schools in the Gloucestershire and Bristol areas.
Due to the nature of the technical equipment we recommend filmmaking is offered to KS2 and above.

All of the services aim to help children build key skills in team building and confidence as well as developing creativity.

Children will also learn how to use a variety of technical equipment and learn the processes for creating digital media.
All services can be tailored to the needs and requirements of your school.
Most can also be designed to fit in with key topics or the current curriculum.

Please use the links below to find out about the services offered.

– PPA cover for schools during the school day.

– In school clubs running at the end of the school day.

– A day or half day out of normal lessons to take part in team building & skill development through a filmmaking project

Run over a half or whole day, the children create a video yearbook to look back on.
Usually for school leavers, year 6 or year 11. 

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