Corporate Team Building

Filmmaking is a great way to develop a range of key skills in your teams.

As well as a lot of fun, filmmaking requires a lot of key skills such as:
Team Working
Planning & Organisation.

Problem Solving.

I offer team building days thoughout the Gloucestershire and Bristol areas.
Team building days will be completely tailored to your business needs.

Whats involved?

You can pick from 2 different projects to have a go at:
Adverts: Participants will work in small groups of 4 or 5 to make an advert for your company.
They will have to come up with an idea, plan it, script it and make it and star in it!
At the end the teams will watch each others adverts and vote on the best.
Magazine News Show: In this project, participants will work as one large group to make a news show
about your company. They will break off into smaller groups to film short news pieces and work as a
large group to piece it all together.
They will have to come up with the ideas and film it.
Both projects will involve group discussions about the relevant types of media, and equipment as well
as guidance and instruction on proper use of it.
When & Where?
The team building days can run during any available weekday of the year or some
weekends through the winter. Please get in touch for availability information.The days can either run from your own premises
(This is great for the Magazine News show as it means participants can really interact with your company to make the show)
or from a hired venue.I have a huge network of recommended venues in most Gloucestershire and Bristol locations and will take care
of all the booking and setting up for you.


How much does it cost and how many can attend?

The cost depends on how many are attending and where you want the team building day to take place.
All prices are bespoke so please get in touch for an exact quote.

A minimum of 6 is recommended to take part.
A maximum of 15 is recommended however for larger organisations,
it is possible to arrange for more groups to take part over multiple days and then
get everyone together at the end for the final screenings of each group’s work.


For more information, please get in touch via the contact page
or directly on email at: